IS that sound?

Do you ever wonder where the little noises you hear around you come from? In these days where one can search for things without barely thinking about it probably not so much. You have more important things to worry about most likely (hopefully).

But when you prepare for a presentation, look at the blinking of your phone or fitness tracker when you get a sound notification,  or even just crank up your favorite playlist on your earbuds you are making decisions about the sounds in your environment and how you choose to interact with them.

What do your sounds say about you? Think about it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personally designed sounds and music to accent your style? If you simply can’t stand the default ringtone on your phone and want something different from all of the other phones you hear buzzing and beeping or you want to have a whole set of sounds to use in a wide range of environments you need to work with a sound designer to get the results you want.

Sound like something you’d like to know more about?


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